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Hi! I just want to let you guys know that Profile
Aquatic Plant Soil and Profile Clay Soil Conditioner
are the same product but in different package and
price. I posted this in APD several months ago when I
found this out. 

I was looking desperately for Profile Aquatic Plant
Soil in my area when I started my 40 g planted tank 7
months ago. I only found Profile Clay Soil Conditioner
in my local Frank's Nursery. But I wasn't sure if
that's the stuff that everybody is using. I searched
everywhere for the answer for more than 3 weeks. Then
I decided to call up AIMCOR, Profile's manufacturer. I
wanted to order the aquatic plant soil straight from
them. To my surprise, the lady in charge told me that
both of them are the same product. So, I bought 40 lbs
of Profile Clay Soil Conditioner for 11 bucks(if I
still remember correctly).

I use 100% of Profile in my tank and I'm very happy
with it. My plants grow very well in Profile. I have
photos to prove it if you guys are interested. I don't
think Profile has iron like in Fluorite but I can say
that Profile is good for growing lots of plants.
Moreover, Profile is much cheaper compared to

So, no more guessing or debating, they are the same

Kean Huat
Oak Park, IL

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