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AGA International Aquascaping Showcase & Contest

March 17, 2000. The Aquatic Gardeners Association announces today that it
will host the AGA International Aquascaping Showcase & Contest.

You've heard the rumors, perhaps read the Proposal or seen my mock web site.
Well, the wait is over, it's now a reality. The organizing committee was
advised yesterday that the AGA Management Committee has agreed to host this
event which has been in the planning stages since last summer. The official
web site for the event is now live and on-line and may be found at
http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/. We still have a few final tweaks to
complete before we are ready to accept entries but the web site contains
full details and guidelines to help potential entrants prepare their

Deadline for the submission of entries is September 30, 2000 and the winners
will be announced by November 30, 2000.

This is an event for all - you do not have to be an AGA member in order to
participate. The number of entries is limited to a maximum of 250, so get
your entries in early to avoid disappointment.

James Purchase