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>My guess hear is that you picked up the wrong stuff. 
Schutz has two
>products: (1) CLAY SOIL CONDITIONER (which is not
what you want, I 
>think).  This is used to break up/aerate hard clay
soils in the garden, 
>(2) AQUATIC PLANT SOIL (which is what you do want),
or in your case if 
>have in fact purchase the AQUATIC PLANT SOIL, you may
not want.  It 
>nothing like kitty-litter, it is much smaller and
heavier/denser almost 
>really small gravel.

I just wanted to add that the clay soil conditioner
and the aquatic plant soil products are almost
identical.  Supposedly, the aquatic plant soil has a
smaller grain size, but I recently purchased both
products, and I can't tell the difference other than
the fact that the aquatic plant soil is 3 times more

Gerald Torres

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