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Water changes

<<That got me thinking...

How many of you guys treat the "new" water in a separate container before
introduce it into the aquarium during water changes? How many don't?>>

I have an 87gal tank and I just reverse the flow in my python and pump water
from the tap directly to the tank.  I give some generous squirts of AquaPlus
(the 'for professional use only' 2L bottle cuz they want you to spend 10
times as much on the tiny bottles :) ) to the tank before filling it up.
Never had a problem although my water is also pretty close to the tank
Just be carefull about the temp of the water you are pumping in.  With my
taps the temp that the water is running at when it's pumping water out or
just running free changes when I'm pumping water into the tank....guess the
back pressure allows more cold water to come through.