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Re: Diana Walstad's book

> If you're interested in snagging a copy of Diana's book.
> bn.com has it for $29.95.  Though you'll need to search for it
> by Title rather than author since they don't have an author listed for it.
> Anyone know where I could order that wouldn't involve a 3-5week wait?
> (Please don't suggest Amazon as I won't buy anything through them till
> they stop trying to patent the Net equivalent of punctuation...)

First of all, I applaud your stance against amazon.  I'm a software 
developer, and their recent patent on "associate referrals" is actually
delaying release of two major software projects of mine.   We have had to
hire lawyers to review our process, and tell us if it could be covered
by their patent.

Second, I found a place (but I've never dealt with them) that claims
to be able to get it right away.   I was told 1-2 weeks by regular
postal delivery, or under a week with express shipping.

Here's the link:

Again, I've never dealt with them, so if you do, please let me know
how they perform.