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RE:Flourite anaerobic

>    For what it's worth, I pulled up a big Val recently and it's lowest
>roots were black.  Isn't that supposed to be a sign of roots growing in an
>anaerobic medium?  In any case, the Val was growing in 3" of pure Flourite
>in an area at the back of the tank that hadn't been disturbed for a long
>time. -- Sherman Lovell

Sounds like an anaerobic gravel bed to me. Did it have the smell associated
with anaerobic conditions.......the stinky rotten egg smell too? Lots of
black colored gravel that stunk too? If not it may be just plant's roots
dying back from something else.

I've got 6 inches or so in a twenty and a 10 gallon with no flow going into
the gravel at all to see if the stuff prevents this. I just (today) re-did a
6-7 inch gravel bed to see if there were any anaerobic spots. Very low flow
tank(about 20 gal/hr in a twenty gallon tank) I couldn't find any. I have
about 6 inches in a couple of big tanks and haven't found any anaerobic
conditions yet either. I wonder if the Val just died back some?
I only keep the red marble val any more ( I think I do have some of Dwight's
val still). The other's can be a bit more sensitive. I think adding the RFUG
to this stuff may be a very good substrate set up but I kind of wanted to
know if there was anyone that had an anaerobic experience with flourite. I
haven't but you never know..........  
Tom Barr