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Iron shelf life?

I use Ferti-Lome's chelated Liquid Iron (marketed for for trees) as a trace 
nutrient supplement for my aquatic plants.  This works very well and a 
little bit goes a long way.  A one-liter bottle is more than a lifetime 
supply and cost me $6.98 retail.  My question is, does anyone else have 
experience using this, and if so, do you have any idea whether it will 
precipitate in the bottle over time?  Mine is getting on in years, and I 
wonder about potency.  Will temperature affect the shelf life?  My plants 
are all still growing fine, so it still seems to be good, but I haven't seen 
any studies on the shelf life of this sort of thing.
  Also, an off-topic comment.  I recently added three smallish moonlight 
gouramis to my Java Fern tank.  Where there was once a light growth of brush 
algae on the edges of the older leaves, now there is nothing.  I added them 
because I thought they would look good; I had no idea they were useful too!  
Anyone share a similar experience?  I am thinking about "loaning" them to 
some of my other tanks to see if they clean them up, too.

-Kent Turner
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