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Aquabotanics and others

Sylvia is right that we do have a forum here.Many of the URL's that post on
this exchange are hobbyists as well as small businesses. The vast majority
are going to be highly reliable. There will always be a few that simply are
in it for a few quick dollars and these folks should be exposed to the
general buying public.
It sounds as if the individual having problems with Aquabotanics tried in
earnest to resolve the problem and RobertH simply refused to respond. Given
this,future orders with this individual should be considered with some
I have recently completed a plant order with a fellow in MN and was
delighted with the way it was packed to the plants themselves and I will
order from him again.
This is a great medium and if a problem has been pursued to exhaustion and
the supplier involved cannot provide a reasonable solution, the place to
discuss this is right here.The result will be an informed hobbyist who will
continue to pursue the hobby as opposed to the potential hobbyist who feels
he has had enough and drops out. Opening a thread in this vein would not be
a bad idea.   Kent