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RE: What is right MH ballast/bulb combo


Try the Hamilton Technology page:

It recommends one pendant every 2 ft of length.  In Karen Randall's recent
article, (March Aquarium Fish Magazine), she said she used 2 175W pendants
for a 125 Gal 6 ft long tank, which gave her some areas of the tank that
were less bright for the less light demanding plants.

I have two 175W pendants for a 4 foot long 75 gal tank.

If your 120 gal tank is higher than mine, you might consider the 250W lamps,
but my guess is that you could probably get away with 175 W bulbs since I
have plenty of light to spare in my 75 gal tank.

I would go with the pendants and not a hood.  The open tank is really nice,
and it is a lot cooler.  For the price of the Hamiltons, you don't have to
worry about buying the ballasts separately.

Steve Pituch