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Re.: Seachem Acid Buffer

I use Seachem's Acid Buffer and Alkaline Buffer in combination to lower and
stabilize the PH of deionized water (i.e., water run through an Aquarium
Pharmaceuticals TapWater Purifier).  Be careful--a little goes a long way.
Both are very effective.  Seachem prints a chart on the label of these
buffers showing the ratio of each one required to obtain the PH desired.
Overall, these are great products.  I also have some Seachem Equilibrium on
hand to raise GH, but so far I have not needed to use it.  

Neil D. Anderson
Nicholasville, KY 
E-mail: neila452 at earthlink_net
              Neil.Anderson at asbury_edu

Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 21:45:15 EST
From: BeetleMaster at aol_com
Subject: Non-phosphate buffers


Does anyone have any experience with or opinion about SeaChem's "Phosphate 
and Carbonate Free" acid buffer? Would this be effective in increasing the 
margin of error when balancing CO2 and KH?