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Re: Future tank questions

> Matt asked about temperature and Jobe sticks.

The 125G tank is probably going to be hot.  If the 125G is in the same room
as the 55G,
putting more wattage in the room will just heat the room (and tank) up more.
ballast will help, but the energy saved by the electronic ballast will be
offset by the extra
wattage you want for the 125G lighting.

There are several ways to battle high temperatures:
-  Keep the temperature constant and select the fish and plants that will
cope with it.
-  Get a small clip on fan to blow on the water surface.  This can bring
    the temperature down by 2-3F.  Side effects: increase evapouration and
    humidity in the room.
-  Air conditioning.  Expensive.
-  Chiller.  Expensive.

Jobe sticks are targeted at the house plant market.  That's why it said "for
beatutiful houseplants"
on the package.  Just make you get the one for ferns because it has the
lowest phospate content (the
second number in the N-P-K value on the package).

Louis Lin