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Re: CO2 equipment

I would recommend using a regulator designed for CO2.  I have access to
catalogs from Matheson, Gas Techniques, and Praxair so I will try to
explain some of the differences between regulators.  There are different
qualities of regulators which correspond to the type of gas being used.
In the Matheson catalog, the same regulator is sold for use with 
nitrogen, helium, argon, methane, ethane, and CO2.  The only difference is
that the regulator must be ordered with the appropriate connector / coupling
designated by a CGA #.  Matheson has CO2 tanks available from 6 to 220
lbs. but all have a CGA 320 valve outlet.   The CGA 320 valve on top of
the tank has a male connector, and the  CGA 320 regulator has the
corresponding female connector with a left handed thread.   
In contrast, the valves on top of nitrogen tanks have the female connector
and the corresponding regulator has the male connector with a right
handed thread.     

Sorry, maybe a little too much detail.  I guess what I'm trying to say is 
when you buy a  CO2 tank, make sure that valve outlet CGA # matches that
of the regulator. Also, for  safety make sure you get a regulator that has
a maximum inlet pressure that is equal to or  exceeds the outlet pressure
of the gas tank.  

I am pretty sure that you cannot use a medical gas regulator on an
industrial style gas tank.  The designs are completely different.  If you
could find CO2 in a medical style tank than such a regulator would work.
Unfortunately I have never seen CO2 available in a  medical gas tank, only
oxygen and nitrous oxide.  

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.