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Re: Buying a microscope

> The QX3 that Mr. Bingman describes sounds interesting - sold more as a toy
> than anything else but apparently capable of capturing video images in the

The QX3 is really a great value.  My son got one for Christmas.  I've taken
some close-up pics of MTS, and several plants.    I'll post them to my
website later this week.   

If you've got a "modern" pc with USB ports, it's a great gadget.  I keep 
hoping that intel will decide to create a more "professional" version, but
until then, it works great for most things.   For video capture, it really
needs a fast computer, probably 300+ Mhz.   My son's PC is a 200mhz AMD, 
and it captures, but it's choppy, with lots of dropped frames.

The software that comes with it looks like a kid's game, but it allows you
to take time-lapse images.  

> 10X - 60X range. Is there anything comprable in magnification range in a
> "regular" microsocope that would be useable? I would venture that I want
> something suitable for looking at 3 dimensional objects rather than at

If you mean you want the microscope to be able to handle thick/larger
objects, then yes, it does great.  One nice feature it has is two 
light-sources.  One under the slide-table, and one above it.  The one
above the slide-table allows you to view objects that aren't see-thru.