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Re: Eusteralis stellata not growing

> From: ac554 at freenet_carleton.ca (David Whittaker)
> >Any defieceny ideas?  Is E.Strellata just a finicky plant?
> >
> >pH 6.8
> >around 4 GH and KH
> >flourite
> >3 w/g
> >co2
> >PMDD w/ Flourish
> I think that your water is too hard. It requires bright light,
> soft water, and additional CO2. I have one stem in a tank that
> meets two of the those conditions; however, the water has a GH
> of about 6. It is not doing well. It is finicky, but it had grown
> fairly well for me in water of GH <2.

It grows at a rate of 6" per week at a GH of 4 here so I'm not sure that is
his problem.

Jon Wilson