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Tiger Barbs eat algae and other misc.

> From: "Tom & Lianne Herbruck" <tom.herbruck at multiverse_com>
> Subject: Rosy Barbs
> My Rosy Barbs did a great job eating my "hair algae."

My tiger barbs (2) are constantly eating algae and scavenging off the
bottom. I don't know what kind of algae, but I read in one of Axelrod's
atlases that when a tiger barb tank of his got covered in algae, the barbs
came into full vibrant color! Also, my barbs are not aggressive like they
should be. They don't nip the fins of any of my fish, even my Gold Gourami.
Actually, my Zebra Danios are fighting amongst themselves the most of any of
my fish!
BTW, is it a nutrient deficiency when your leaves turn transparent brown?
How do you correct this situation?