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Re: Freshwater Bumble Bee Gobie

on 23/2/00 1:18 am, Cesar Serna at cserna at la_uswebcks.com wrote:
> fish anymore. This fish was labeled a
> "Bumble Bee Gobie" and it has black and yellow alternating vertical
> stripes. It currently seems harmless and likes to hide
> in the plants towards the back of the tank.

Hi Cesar,
I have two bumblebee gobies (brachygobius er, somethingorother). They live
in a small tank with 6 cory hastatus, 3 chocolate gouramis 3 badis-badis and
2 ottos. Oh yeah, and one Yamato.

They are very cute in behaviour cos they behave so territorially towards
each other. At no time can you have the two of them face each other and one
doesn't have a go at the other. All pretty harmless though.

I keep them in the same water chemistry as the rest of my planted tanks.
They eat frozen bloodworms with relish, and couldn't be bothered even if the
Yamato (which is about 3 times the size of the goby) walks all over it.

You'll find also that they sometimes like to "stick" to the tank glass as
their pelvic (?) fins are kind of fused together to form a "cup" of sorts
that gives it some suction power.

What else would you like to know?

Mark Pan
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