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Re: More Algae Problems

On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Ryan Mills wrote:
> Roger, is this the stuff you had? 
> How did you get rid of it?  Anyone else?    

This looks like the algae that appeared in one of my tanks when the DIY
yeast bottle sprung a leak that I didn't find for a few weeks.

After studying the pictures for a while I think that I'd battle this stuff
by removing as much as I can, trying to promote more vigorous growth
from the plants, waiting and trying to keep things otherwise stable.  

I think some of the plants look a little nutrient starved, so some
additional fertilizer might be called for.  My preference would be to
fertilize the substrate (jobes spikes for NPK and iron gluconate tablets
for Fe). I think that Ken Neill was using TMG, so in his case it might
work to increase the TMG dosage and add some additional nitrate.  I don't
use TMG, does anyone who *does* use TMG want to add something?

Roger Miller