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Lighting 120 G with MH. Tetra initial sticks.

 Dimensions are 4'L x 2'W x 2'H.  I am assuming metal halides (x2) with
> magnetic ballast and spider reflectors  but what wattage is unclear. 
> is not the issue with the halides (all wattages are of similar cost).  
> like to hear opinions from those with similar setups who have had good 
> success.

I would recomend 2x70 Watts of MH. Some people will probably recomend 2x175
or more.
My reason is that the BEST tank I have ever seen was a 5foot x 30'' x 30''
open tank full of 'high light' stem plants. The tank was fully dupla
compliant and absolutely stunning.

For faster growth and to grow the high light requiring fore ground plants
one would probably require higher wattages.

I have a 48x24x24 120 Gall tank that is lit with 4x36 Watt fluro tubes. (2
G\lux and 2x5000K NEC)
The plants, while not pearling like they did in my 48x18x18 tank with same
light are growing nicely.


Daniel Green.

bevrgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au