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Re: More Algae Problems

Ken, sorry I can't really help you with that problem,

The stuff in the second picture looks like the stuff I
have been trying to eliminate for two years.  I think
its actually thread algae.  I notice you have low
phosphates like I do.  That doesn't seem to stop it. 
Neither does starvation.  For an entire year, I kept
nothing but Java ferns, moss, and Anubias and added
pure distilled water while reducing the light.  Still
there.  I had a false SAE that ate most of it before
deciding Rotala wallichi tastes better.  I have three
real SAEs that don't seem to care for it.  I notice
you don't have any actinic light, which I thought
might be a cause.  Roger, is this the stuff you had? 
How did you get rid of it?  Anyone else?    
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