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Re: CaribSea Laterite Gravel

On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, James Purchase quoted:
> "    A laterite is a depleted soil meaning that it is the end product of the
> heavy weathering of rocks and soils.  It is usually associated with humid
> tropical environments such as rainforests.  Laterite soils are typically
> rich
> in clays, iron and aluminum as these materials are the most immobile ie.
> least easiest to dissolve and wash away.

True laterites contain very little clay.  That is one of their distinctive

> That is what gives many laterites
> their characteristic red color and why rivers in the tropics near deforested
> areas are often stained red.  As calcium carbonate is a fairly mobile
> mineral
> you will not find it in laterites.  Our laterite is fused to form a very
> porous grain. This is important because, as I mentioned, laterites are
> mostly
> clay.

Wrong.  It sounds to me like what they have might be another ceramic-type
product, possibly similar to fluorite, profile, etc.

Roger Miller