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Re: School Teacher needs help

> So do you have any suggestions of what types of plants to try and grow,
> especially ones that reproduce quickly so we can study plant life cycles and
> all that good stuff :)

How big is the tank? What's the tank temp?  Are you looking for aquatic
plants, or plants for the terrarium side?  How much light does the tank have?

On the aquatic side, Hygro would be good.  As long as you aren't trying to
limit it to North american plants, then you might want some Amazon Frogbit,
maybe some Java fern and Java moss.   I'm not sure which plants will do good
in a terrarium side, maybe some other list members can help here...
> Any help will be greatly appreciated...and of course we have no budget...the
> grant won't cover reusable materials (which they include plants/animals in).
> So if you know some place cheap to order the plants this teacher would be
> doubly greatful ;)

I can send you some of all the ones I mentioned.  For free of course.  It's
for a good cause!