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New test kits from Hagen

Hello  all,
Being a beginner I just started to experiment with PMDD. For that purpose I
bought test kits for Fe and Nitrate from Hagen. While the one for testing Fe seem
to work just fine, the one for Nitrate doesn't. If I would trust the kit, my 20
gal tank has big problem with Nitrates (110 ppm). Tank has just a little bit of
beard algae. Fish look fine, no signs of stress. Plants grow as expected (only
30w of light), except Echinodorus Rose and Java Fern have holes in older leaves (
Dwarf Pleco gets blamed for that). I also tried to test my tap water, but with
same result (110ppm). Is it possible to have Nitrates in tap water? Does anybody
has experience with the Hagen test kits? How can I find out how accurate it is?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ontario, Canada