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School Teacher needs help

I'm a teacher in central Ohio and I just subscribed to this list because I
need some help :)  If this is the wrong place to ask these questions I
apologize in advance...

We got a grant to buy a big (for us) aquarium that we have divided into a
water area and a terrarium area with a stream through it.  We have some
local fish, toads, turtles...But obviously it is the middle of winter so we
can't go get local plants and I don't think Cattails will fit anyways :)

So do you have any suggestions of what types of plants to try and grow,
especially ones that reproduce quickly so we can study plant life cycles and
all that good stuff :)

Any help will be greatly appreciated...and of course we have no budget...the
grant won't cover reusable materials (which they include plants/animals in).
So if you know some place cheap to order the plants this teacher would be
doubly greatful ;)

teachk9 at ascenture_net