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I can "give" you a CO2 reactor for your new tank for the favor of giving me
some Eustralis.
Interested? Good luck eh? Karma truck brother! Amen! 

David's works killer. Ph of 5.3 @ 3 bubbles a sec! We lowered it to about 1
a second.
We'll see how things go. He wants to do the aquascaping etc. I was hoping to
do it! I'll see later if/what kind of maintenance he is interested in. He's
very competitive about plant tanks and having the "best".
I told him that the Japan and Germany were way ahead of us in regards to
plants and then saw it big time! He's totally into it!
A couple of his Altums got a small amount of fungus bacterial fuzz on them
due to the move.
Justin at Ocean told him to use penicillan! I wasn't going to argue. We had
just moved the tank. He also took out half the bioballs to seed the other
tank(again against my advice) for the 155.
He lost 2 Altums but hopefully he won't lose more. He had some ammonia
readings too. He realizes that there are too many fish in that 75. I'm
trying to get him off the worm habit. I understand but..........I don't lose
fish or use med's anymore. 

What about Michael's tank? Anubias and Riccia doing badly? Those are tough

Tom Barr