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>I found a 'membrane reactor, double' at pets.com listed under their 'live 
>plants supplies' section and was wondering if anyone knew what it was, how 
>it worked, how well it worked, etc.?

The CO2 simply diffuses through it. Like a Bell or cup that holds the gas
while a current passes by. The membrane is good for keeping the CO2 from
being "blown away" by the current while letting good diffusion, like inside
a reactor with water flowing through it Seems like a good canidate for
clogging though.
I'd pass on it. A simple copy of a dupla reactor or a simple powerhead
suction intake injection works better or filter intake injection. Some folks
want to turn the CO2 on and off so the dedicated powerhead reactor idea
works to suit their needs rather than the filter method but a similar set up
can be done by turning or throttling the powerhead on and off.   
If the tank is small it would work decent but then so would a bell or
inverted jar catch also.
I think it was Aqualine Bushrke that made it for their reactor.
Tom Barr