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My Cabomba doesn't grow well

Literatures say cabomba need soft water and acidic pH, high amount of
fertilizer. That's why I lower
the general hardness to 4.0 and carbonate hardness to 3.0 and pH 
7 (originally, general hardness 14 dH, carbonate hardness high but don't
remember exactly and pH 7.4), and I made a laterite, peat, sand substrate.
I also added a driftwood purchased from Home
Depot (this type of wood is often used for growing airplants). Now my
cabomba is doing even worse than before I made the change. I notice that
before the driftwood leach out the tea color, the cabomba is still OK, but
after the water turn tea color it is miserable. Other plants are doing
fine. Does anyone know what is wrong?