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Beard Algae?


    I looked through the archives and couldn't find much about the kind
of algae I am having problems with lately. Let me explain...

45 gallon (36x12x24 LWH)
three inches of Flourite, one inch of sand
96 watt compact flourescent with reflector
Trickle filtration with MaxiJet 1000 return pump
Tank has been running for six weeks.
Temp.- 76 degrees
pH- 6.9
dKH- 5
dGH- 2
NO3- very low even on Hach test kit <.2 mg/L
Fe- .7 mg/L
PO4- ?? I don't have a test kit yet
CO2 is injected with a high pressure system from Dave Gomberg
The tank is planted heavily with E. amazonicus, E. muricatus, E. ozelot,
Alternanthera reinkenii, and Gymnocoronis spilanthoides

The algae I am having problems with is bright green and grows in tufts
about 1 cm long on my driftwood. The only fish in the tank are my algae
eating crew: 4 black mollies, 4 Otocinclus, 1 Farlowella. None of these
guys eat this algae. The Krib FAQ says you can get rid of it by using
some anti algae chemical but I don't want to do that. I have been
looking for siamensis algae eaters to try out. I think I got some but am
keeping them in my 10 gallon quarenteen tank to make sure. From what I
understand they won't eat the stuff I am complaining about anyway. If
some body can recommend something for me I would greatly appreciate it.
I think I am just going to take the driftwood out of the aquarium and
scrub it down eventually.

Thanks for any help,

Tim Marks