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Re: Riccia

on 19/1/00 12:40 am, Berryman, David at DBerryma at AspenMed_org wrote:

> I've tried near everything with it. Gravel too, I have tried it many times.
> Doesn't work. My experience tells me otherwise(non attaching) to
> date....................

Hmm this friend of mine, Melvyn, swears that it stayed put in his tank, and
once I saw the way he did it. Never mind, I do believe he has a website up.
Let me try to get the URL and I'll post it here for you to see.

> When I start to plant this stuff I will put some Fern Moss in it and roll
> everything into small balls.  Then I tie these small balls of Riccia and
> Fern Moss onto the drift wood or rock.
> The end result is that the Fern Moss will hold the Raccia down with no
> problem, and never let go, also the look is unique.  You will see mostly
> Raccia but it will have these little fingers of Fern Moss sticking out in
> places.  It actually has a cool light green/dark green look about it.

This sounds like a very good idea David, but er, what the heck is fern moss?
Is it the same as Java moss? I'll make sure to pass your tip on to another
friend who's gone nuts over riccia, against all my advice :-)


Mark Pan
It is far better to do the right thing than to just do things right.