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RE: Riccia

>Thanks for the input! Amano does the same thing. But it is the moss that
>attaches to the Riccia and gives a nice surface for the Riccia to set on.
>Also at lower lighting levels this will not float up much and is easier to
>deal with. At high levels of light it is another story. I can do the same
>thing with the hairgrass thing as you mentioned but pure Riccia does not
>attach IMO.
>The hairgrass makes an intense mat of riccia and grass also and are close to
>the same color if that's what your after<g>!
>Tom Barr

>>From: "Berryman, David" <DBerryma at AspenMed_org>
>>To: "'tcbiii at earthlink_net'" <tcbiii at earthlink_net>,

>>I've tried near everything with it. Gravel too, I have tried it many times.
>>Doesn't work. My experience tells me otherwise(non attaching) to
>>Hi Tom.  I have come in on the back end of this, but I do have 2 years of
>>experience of keeping Raccia submerged.  You mentioned "Personal long term
>>experience does<g>!"  
>>When I start to plant this stuff I will put some Fern Moss in it and roll
>>everything into small balls.  Then I tie these small balls of Riccia and
>>Fern Moss onto the drift wood or rock.
>>The end result is that the Fern Moss will hold the Raccia down with no
>>problem, and never let go, also the look is unique.  You will see mostly
>>Raccia but it will have these little fingers of Fern Moss sticking out in
>>places.  It actually has a cool light green/dark green look about it.
>>I have never in the two years seen my Raccia float off.
>>Hope this helps :o)
>>Dave Berryman