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Re: Outdoor tank

on 18/1/00 6:37 pm, Joo Tan at zoologist at mailcity_com wrote:

> The website you are looking at does not belong to me.  It's someone else cos I
> do not have a website.

Could it be mine :-)
I have a little pondlet featured in my website. This one is literally
growing like the boondocks without CO2 and fertilisation of any kind. And
the water is so clear that when you take a photo, it looks like there's no
water in the tank! I had friends advising me against putting any tank in the
balcony of my flat cos of algae problems. Well go to my website and you'll
see living testimony that the sunlight causes no problems at all!

In fact, the way I see it, the sunlight actually does good for the plants,
cos I've never seen plants like Bacopa flower before in mytanks, bnut here
they are flowering without CO2. The fact that they're growing out of the
water does help though.

BTW, all I have in the pondlet is a little sponge filter. And lately I
noticed some baby shrimp inside! They are about 1 cm long so they can't have
come fromy my main tank cos all the shrimps in there are full-grown monsters
longer than an inch!

> As for the temp, the glass tank is quite high.  Bout 31-32 degree Celcius.

Strange thing Joo, my outdoor pondlet's temps never reach 30 degrees even.
Highest I've seen is about 28 degrees. Maybe the waterfall has something to
do with it. 

>> Joo,
>> Let me see if I got this straight...
>> After looking at your excellent website I am under the impression that you
>> have an aquarium outside, getting indirect or even some direct tropical
>> sunlight and you're able to control any algae outbreaks just by temporarily
>> increasing the plant load?
>> What water temperatures are reached in your set-up, if you don't mind my
>> asking?
>> I live in a somewhat similar climate in Florida, USA and while I've been
>> tempted with such an idea at times-  my best guess is that if I attempted
>> such a project I'd end up with pea soup and little else.
>> Now growing aquarium plants in an outdoor pond which receives some direct
>> sunlight is an idea with much merit and one which I intend to implement soon.
>> Best Regards,
>> BobO.
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