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Re: Why am I changing so much water?

on 18/1/00 12:56 am, David Ozenne at dozenne at 10fold_com wrote:

>> Nitrates aren't the only thing you are removing by doing water changes.
>> There are lots of other waste products that will build up in the water.
> Interesting assertion.  It might even be true.  Can you give me
> any specifics?  Nitrates aren't the only thing I'm removing when
> I take out the duckweed either, nor when I clean out the filter.

Hi David, a few things come straight to mind.

Phosphates is one. Ammonium is another. And as you say Nitrates. I'm sure I
could come up with lots more if I have my books with me right now.

Lots of people don't change water for lots of reasons. Frankly I do 20%
water changes per week for the fish more than anything else. IMHO the plants
don't need it as badly as the fish. All I can think about is: "Poor buggers,
forced to live in a little square glass box with other fish I've never seen
in my life". So, you know, try to make life a little pleasant for them.
Plant lots of plants. Change water once a week. Feed them good stuff, but
sparingly (don't want our pets to get fat like us do we?). Generally make
life more comfortable for them.

In my tank, I've brought home fish and due to poor eyesight didn't notice
that they had ick and promptly dumped them into the tank (after
acclimatising them to the pH of course). Not only did they *not* pass it to
any of their brethren, they got better!

As I thought it was a fluke, I tried it again, and again and again. I'm now
utterly convinced that good living conditions can help a sick fish get
better and healthy fish not get sick. On a side note, once when I neglected
to change water for a month (mind you I change every week) I had an ick
outbreak when I popped in a fish which had ick. After a careful 10% water
change every day, the fish got healthy and none died.

Change water. It's good for the health.

Mark Pan
Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity
Ophrah Winfrey