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Re: Java fern survived this winter outside.

on 17/1/00 10:27 pm, Pugturd at aol_com at Pugturd at aol_com wrote:

> Hello does anyone know how hardy the Java fern is. It has survived this year
> in my zone 6. It was in the waterfall of my pond and did not freeze. The rest
> of the pond was iced over. I thought the Java fern was a very very tropical
> fern. But it seemed to do well here. THANKS

I've trekked up a waterfall in Malaysia where you can find java fern really
thriving both submersed as well as emersed. I don't know how cold you're
talking about, but up in the mountains, with pure natural water coming from
sonme source even higher up the mountain, the temps were around 15-18
degrees. I'm pretty sure during the monsoon season it gets even colder
still. I take it that the whole pond froze over but your waterfall was still

A mistaken belief among many people is that tropical plants prefer warmer
conditions. Well, most of us who live in the tropics have found that the
plants do much better in lower tank temps of about 23-25 degrees. Which is
why some of us spend obscene amounts of money to buy stuff such as chillers
costing over a thousand dollars each.

Me, I use a $20 fan running 24-hours a day (drawing mb 7Watts) that brings
my tank temps down to an average of 25-26 degrees. This morning, it rained,
so my tank was 24.4 degrees. Check it out at my website.

Mark Pan
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