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Re: tank "size" and size

George Booth said "Thus the 'size' of the tank referred to
the capacity of the shipping container the tank came in. 
Or would have come in if they actually came in containers."

Our Tenecor tank was shipped shrink-wrapped to a wooden pallet :)
I have no problem with a company rounding out the capacity a bit.
But as I mentioned, using o.d. for their tanks I seem to remember:

"90" gal --> ~90 gal
"125" gal --> ~110 gal
"135" gal --> ~135 gal

Which made it harder to compare prices. In fact, it was the
pricing that led me to check the capacity of the 125 in the
first place. And, as I mentioned, the 25 gal difference
between the "125" and "135" is due to the shorter-than-usual
height of their "125".