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Karen Randall writes that Firemouths are major diggers.  I don't know about
those nasty little buggers, but we have two pairs of Golden Firemouths
(Thorychthys aureum) wild caughts from Guatemala and they do some digging
but only for a spawning pit.  Most of the plants in the tank are fine.

Why do I say this?  Because we now have 360 plus inch long F1 babies growing
out in 7 tanks.  Any takers?  They are much more peaceful than regular
firemouths and are absolutely fantastic parents.  Right now, Popfish is in a
tank with 7 adult kribs and about 80 kids.  He's still taking care of the
kids and all the kribs have their fins and tails accounted for.  No more
conjugal visits for at least 6 months. Phew.  It's Marineland over here with
daily water changes to make sure the babies grow at optimal rates.  On a
website it said that they have about 60 kids.  So we thought, that's O.K.
Manageable. The other pair spawned and they have about 40.  Friendly fish
though.  Responsive and lively.  Eat everything.

Gabriella Kadar
Toronto, Canada