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Re: Firemouths


<< From: "Alexander Yohannes Suhendra" <tiger at personal_telkom.net.id>
 Subject: firemouth cichlid
 can a pair of firemouth cichlid ( cichlasoma meeki ) be kept in a
 quite-heavily planted tank ? or will they destroy everything onsight ?
 and can i mix them with ...let's say a school of big rummy nose tetra, or
 neon tetras and the likes ?  >>

I have kept and breed these on several occasions.  First off they are
definitely aggressive to most other species especially those that are smaller
than they are.  Next off I have had a single pair completely uproot a 55 
tank overnight when they decided they wanted to breed.  

Personally I would not put them into a planted tank.  I'd give them loads of 
and if I were going to give them tank mate I would make them other South
American  Chichlids like Jack Dempies.