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Getting Started: A Resource Page

Ron wrote "I have 2x 110 gallon tanks and would like to start an 
aquascape for them, how would I go about it? (I have used plastic
plants for 10 yrs). Tell me the right way to start, which books to read, as a beginner" 

I have put up a Planted-Tank Resource Page aimed at beginners 
(which I was nine months ago; now I consider myself an advanced 
beginner). It at http://www.mindspring.com/~jaredmarkw/aquarium/info.htm 

I got a lot of help from the Web for our 135 gal. 
BTW, I've included links to Karan Randall's articles by topics.

My only general advice is: the more research you do before you start,
the better -- especially with large tanks.

I hope this helps.