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Re: Mimosa or Neptunia

I wrote earlier:
|I found a short description of apparently the same plant in R. E. Holttum's
|"Plant Life in Malaya" (first published in 1954, my book 1989, ISBN 0 582
|69445 0), p. 212, by the name of Neptunia oleracea.
|The author describes a floating plant that produces spongy tissue to act as
|a flotation device; the roots trail freely in water. There is also a

OK, I did a new search and found a lot. There is lots of spp. but it
isn't easy to tell which one I had, even with a photo, I guess. Several seem
to have this flotation aid growth.

Anyhow, has anybody tried these Neptunias inside, in a tank? What about in a
garden pond? They seem to need lots of light. With dry-land Mimosa pudica I
had no problems, but these aquatic legumes seem to be more difficult. My
water is pH 6,5-7, soft, but there is only one fluorescent tube on top of
this particular tank.

Jouni in Helsinki, Finland

Jouni in Helsinki, Finland