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Commercial use of the list

Here is a question for you all:

What are the bounds of commercial use of the list?

Here is the situation I am facing:  I want to import Tropica plants, but this is extremely difficult (because of the USDA and the shippers, Tropica is fine).  So I need to know if you care about having these plants available.  

If it weren't for restrictions on commercial use of the list, I would just ask you to mail me off line what you think about Tropica plants and summarize to the list.   But I suspect many would think this commercial use of the list, and in a way it is.

So here is the question:   Is this use permissible?  And if not, how should such data be gathered that would be less intrusive?   Please answer off list, I will summarize to List Mom (who gets 1000 votes anyway).  Whether or not she shares it with you is up to her.
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