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Re: DIY O2/CO2 reactor?

Chuck Gadd at cgadd at cfxc_com wrote:

> I'm going to build a CO2 reactor soon, using a powerhead pumping water into a
> old gravel-vac tube, and injecting the CO2 into the gravel-vac tube.   I'm
> wondering if there would be any benefit or drawback to also pumping air into
> the reactor tube.  It seems to me this would ensure very high concentration of
> oxygen, along with the CO2.
> Any downside that I'm not seeing right now?

It's not necessary. Your plants will oxygenate the water, probably to
supersaturation, once the CO2 system is used. The air will also not dissolve
as readily as the CO2 and possibly cause bubbling noises, perhaps even
carrying some of the CO2 off when the bubbles surface and escape the water.

Dan Dixon