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NFC: AATP and the DNR

I recently contacted the Illinois DNR to enquire what educational help,
if any, they could provide should an Adopt-A-Tank project be established
in a public locale (i.e. library, nature center, etc.). Their response
is that they can provide qualified speakers on a wide variety of
subjects. Though not every subject deals specifically with fish, an AATP
project would make a suitable backdrop for any of these presentations.

Should anyone be attempting to establish interest in an Adopt-A-Tank
project, informing the prospective project supporter of the DNR's
willingness to provide educational presentations might go far in getting
the project started. The contact for speakers from the IDNR is Ms. Noel
R. Laurent, nlaurent at dnrmail_state.il.us. She can send an informational
packet detailing the IDNR's Educational Services and Speakers Bureau.

The Ohio DNR has a similar speaker program, and has already provided
speakers (unless something's changed that I haven't heard about yet) at
a library that now boasts a 40 gal tank of native fish. I imagine most
state DNRs can do the same. 

Tony Gustafson