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NFC: Fw: Revitilised interest in native fish IN Ga.

Help...I emailed him about the website changes but thought a GA trip
would be fun for some folks

Dear Robert Rice,   I am an old N.A.N.F.A member returning to the
native fish hobby. I spoke with you some years ago about starting a
Georgia N.A.N.F.A. chapter.This is an idea whose time may be soon to
come. I am interested in knowing why I cannot find the native fish
conservancy web sight at http://members.xoom.com/nativefishes/ .
Additionally, I am interested in collecting locales for native
killifishes ,live bearers and dwarf sunfishes around the Okeefenokee
swamp or as far north in GA that I can find golden ear killies,lemmon
killies ,Black banded sunfish, and Heterandia Formosa. If you know
anyone who would like to contact me about taking such a trip or helping
me plan one please let me know. I can be reached at
jsellersiv at yahoo_com  I know that you
are a busy native fish author these days ,I thank you for your time and
consideration  John

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