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NFC: Re: Darter tanks and stuff

>Hey Jim, thanks for all the info thus far.  I do have a question though. I 
>think it was asked before, but I don't recall seeing an answer.  What should 
>I do in the front corners and bottom front seam where the glass meets the 
>acrylic?  Does any stuff seal both?  Thanks, Ron
	Yeah.  There was a question raised about the use of GOOP for sealing
acrylic, that it wouldn't hold.  I had to do some checking before I got
back on it.
	In tanks built as I described-using acrylic to line and acrylic or glass
for the face-I found no leaks or reports of leaks.  This is in capacities
of up to 1500 gallons, ages up to 9 years.  So, I would recommend leaving
an 1/8" gap between the acrylic and glass (to allow for any wood movement),
and sealing twice with GOOP.  For the record, the factory said they knew of
no reason why it whouldn't work if the glass and acrylic are clean and dry.
Good luck!