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Re: NFC: Fish Camoflage - Mudminnows

Mark Binkley wrote:

> Where are you (Gary) located?
I live on the island of Montreal, Quebec. There are some decent habitats
remaining around here, but not much in the way of woods. I've been
exploring very urban habitats, in sight of the office towers, as an
urban wildlife exploration. There is some great stuff around here -
quite surprising.
We do have a striking drought, the river shoreline is 20-30 feet out
from normal, and most of the local weedbeds I picked out to collect in
last Fall are fly breeding grounds now. It's scary to see the water
lower than in October, in May. the late summer is going to be brutal. 
I will be ranging farther, up the Ottawa River valley in a few weeks.
That's where I figured my chances for Umbra would be better, but the
tips help a lot as my time will be limited. For newcomers to native
fishkeeping, finding the fish we wish to observe can involve reinventing
wheels sometimes.
Who could resist wanting to see a cigar butt with fins?
-Gary Elson
Verdun, Quebec