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Re: NFC: Fish Camoflage - Mudminnows

>I live on the island of Montreal, Quebec. There are some decent habitats
>remaining around here, but not much in the way of woods. I've been
>exploring very urban habitats, in sight of the office towers, as an
>urban wildlife exploration. There is some great stuff around here -
>quite surprising.

I would be very interested to hear about what you are observing.  My wife
and I visited Montreal last summer and enjoyed it.  Didn't get to do any
wildlife type stuff though.  Seemed like the bait collecting rules for
Quebec were quite strict.  Large areas were designated as off limits.
Observed some interesting fishes, maybe suckers, above that high water fall
on the Montmorency River.  If you get out there, let me know what you

>We do have a striking drought, the river shoreline is 20-30 feet out
>from normal, and most of the local weedbeds I picked out to collect in
>last Fall are fly breeding grounds now. It's scary to see the water
>lower than in October, in May. the late summer is going to be brutal.
>I will be ranging farther, up the Ottawa River valley in a few weeks.
>That's where I figured my chances for Umbra would be better, but the
>tips help a lot as my time will be limited. For newcomers to native
>fishkeeping, finding the fish we wish to observe can involve reinventing
>wheels sometimes.

Try this web site for ichthyological collection records that may have
localities - http://www.york.biosis.org/zrdocs/zoolinfo/fish_mus.htm

I used Cornell and U of Mich databases to search for sites for a darter
today.  Worked pretty good but some of the records were quite old - 30's
and 50's.  Here are their sites -


Let us know how you do.

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net