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Re: NFC: Fish Camoflage - Mudminnows

>I've read that mudminnows are good trap candidates, and I'm looking for
>some of the locally common U. limi. I know what the field guides say
>about their habitats ("mud")  but are those who are catching them
>getting them in slow small streams, ponds, ditches... This thread just
>confirms my feeling that these are fish to watch. As a newcomer to
>native fish, I'd appreciate tips for finding them. From my twenty years
>ago predatory fishing days, I can look at a habitat and say what big
>fish should be there. I figure there are people on the list who can do
>the same with small stuff, right? Help?

In Ohio, U limi has been relegated to specific areas where suitable habitat
remains.  This is primarily in the NW corner of the state.  The places
where I have seen them there are tiny, shallow streams with sand/muck
bottoms that flow through heavily wooded, swampy areas.  Also have taken
them from a tiny (2' wide) ditch in the rear of a residential property in
open lawn.  This was adjacent to wooded areas, though.  In NE Indiana, I
have found them in a large pothole lake that is clear and has dense,
submerged vegetation along the banks.  They seemed to be concentrated in an
area where leaves and other organic matter accumulate forming a muck
bottom.  In Tennesse, I have found them in flooded woods along streams.
Klaus Schoening finds them in Spring Valley Lake, which he describes as
clear, shallow and densely vegetated.  This is in SW Ohio.  Though they
like a soft bottom, they don't seem to like turbid waters - needs to be

Where are you (Gary) located?

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net