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Re: NFC: Fish Camoflage - Mudminnows

Mark Binkley wrote:
> Yes, very cool fish.  I have U limi and U pygmaea.  Don't think they'll
> have any problem finding the guppy fry.  After all, they're thought to be
> related to the pikes!
I've been having good luck with minnow traps baited with 'milkbone' dog
biscuits. I'm getting shiners, sunfish, darters and even some wandering
brook silversides.
I've read that mudminnows are good trap candidates, and I'm looking for
some of the locally common U. limi. I know what the field guides say
about their habitats ("mud")  but are those who are catching them
getting them in slow small streams, ponds, ditches... This thread just
confirms my feeling that these are fish to watch. As a newcomer to
native fish, I'd appreciate tips for finding them. From my twenty years
ago predatory fishing days, I can look at a habitat and say what big
fish should be there. I figure there are people on the list who can do
the same with small stuff, right? Help?