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Re: NFC: Fish Camoflage - Mudminnows

-> I Klaus Schoening 
-> finds them in Spring Valley Lake, which he describes as clear, 
-> shallow and densely vegetated.  This is in SW Ohio.  Though they like 
-> a soft bottom, they don't seem to like turbid waters - needs to be 
-> clear.
I have found them in the ephemeral pools that surround the lake which
are filled with organic muck and other debris.  I have never caught them
in the lake itself, though they are probably there.  The sticklebacks I
know are in the lake.  Spring Valley Lake is within 100 yards of the
Little Miami River and is surrounded by springs.  The pools continue to
be fed by the springs, even in times of drought, like we generally have
when summer sets in. The aquatic plant life in the lake proper is
unbelievable, especially for this part of Ohio. In  late summer the Lake
is covered by a multitude of aquatic plant species from giant cow lilies
and white lilies to the  diminutive wolffia species.  It also  contains
Leman trisulka the only duckweed I like :).  Hornwort, Myriophyllum,
Egeria densa and Bladderwort take turns being the dominant bunch plant
in the lake though you can always find all of them.