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Re: NFC: Minnow Traps and Rain

mcclurg luke e wrote:
> Good advice.  This happened to me once last year.  Left a trap at a remote
> site overnight and heavy rains came in.  The next day the trap was
> completely covered with mud and not even visible.  I was hard pressed to
> get it out of the muck and I saw no evidence of anything having been in
> it, although it's posible that eveything was "chewed up" by the heavy
> silt flow.
> Luke
> On Tue, 25 May 1999, Joshua L Wiegert wrote:
> > Hey All.
> >   Just a quick note.. if you plant a minnow trap on a softbottomed body of
> > water and get a good rain, pulli t out fast... Heavy storms today filled
> > my trap with a nice thick, murky silt, killing everything in it.... Sadly,
> > looked like a good catch of Shiners.
> >
> >  end

Great advice. 

Any chance you experienced guys could write up a little "Field Guide to Fish
Traps?" The pitfalls of using traps improperly are not at all obvious to
those of us who have done little of it on our own.

I've *seen* a lot of use when we work with the Wildlife guys counting
pupfish and removing exotics. When you are on your own, in new surroundings,
it's a whole different ball game.

Keep feeding us such tidbits, anyway.



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