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Re: NFC: Minnow Traps and Rain

Good advice.  This happened to me once last year.  Left a trap at a remote
site overnight and heavy rains came in.  The next day the trap was
completely covered with mud and not even visible.  I was hard pressed to
get it out of the muck and I saw no evidence of anything having been in
it, although it's posible that eveything was "chewed up" by the heavy
silt flow.


On Tue, 25 May 1999, Joshua L Wiegert wrote:

> Hey All.
>   Just a quick note.. if you plant a minnow trap on a softbottomed body of
> water and get a good rain, pulli t out fast... Heavy storms today filled
> my trap with a nice thick, murky silt, killing everything in it.... Sadly,
> looked like a good catch of Shiners.
>  end
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