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NFC: Trapping Tips

  Not a whole lot that I can personally say on this... First, and
foremost, tie something onto the loop.  I've seen people forget to do
this.. and have to go diving for it. :)  Oh... and tie the other end to a
branch or something... The rope does you no good if its at the bottom of
the stream. :)
  Placing the trap is another important issue.  The trap should always be
placed along the current or banks of a body of water, parrelle to that.
It should also never be placed in very deep water.  My general rule of
thumb is that the top of the trap should never be more than 1" from the
top of the water.  
  Baits also an important factor.  Choice of these leads to interesting
results.  Experimentation is the only thing that'll work.  Dead fish or
fish parts will result in olow catches of many baitfishes, but will work
for some.  OTOH, bread will catch the best mixes of shiners, but catfish
will ignore it.  As it ages, tadpoles may be caught.  
  In windy weather, anchor the trap.  No sense finding it in a new spot.
Small seine nets make great 'funnel' type leaders ot lure more fish in
(esp. in streams.)

Thats it for me on tips...   Anyone else got any good ones?

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